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Male Number of posts : 72
Age : 28
millsberry user name : on my computer
millsbucks : runing this forum and millsberry
what do you like what this site : i love helping people
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Registration date : 2008-11-01

PostSubject: rules!!!!!(read)   Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:53 am

you must Follow them Or there are Conseqences

no spaming no advertizing
no posting links with out a admins permistion
no scaming or hacking or threating ( inless your a admin or mod jus doing your job)
and most of all be nice

Other Rules: foul Talk or bad talk or anything that a 4 year old could not see double posting inless I say its ok
3. try to stay on topic
4. what I say or any other admin says goes not be mean to other members
6. no mater what not adds or advertizing at all
7. you must have orver 50 posts to be staff spaming perosnal info
10.please try to be kind to evreyone this do not mean you have to be best friends just try to be nice ok
11.check the rules cuz it is very much so changed often
12. No begging. (its anyonning and will get you in trouble.)
13. Try your best to spell correctly and use propper grammer.
14. no begging it is annoying and you will be muted for 3days
Warning system


Warning bar Points:

The Level will depend on what you do. Here are some examples:

Cursing-lv 5
Spamming- lv 2
Double posting- lv 2
Scamming- Automatic ban
Impersonating- lv 5
begging -lv5

Reporting Posts!

We urge our members to report posts immediately if you see anybody doing something that is against the rules. You can report a post by clicking the: button.
When you report a post that way, it is easier for me to find out whats happening or of course you can just P.M me saying what that person has said and tell me which topic they have said it in if you prefer.
When someone reported the post that muniboy had wrote I got that report immediately and I banned the member because they went against the rules more than once. When you report a post please please tell me what that member said. You can either P.M me if you want to know more imformation.
Dont be afraid because if you never did anything wrong then you will not get in trouble, in fact if you report a post that is going against the rules you are not just helping yourselves but you are helping everybody else in the forum. You do not have a button to report private messages so therefor you will have to P.M me saying what was in the P.M and we will see what we can do for you but that option is only for reporting P.M's.
We are extremely nice here at this forum but to ensure that our forum stays safe we need you members to keep an eye on the forum for us because there are many members who decide to go against the forum rules so therefor they have to be punished.
Other members decide to try spamming the forum so if you see a post that you think is spam then please report it immediately as well. If you be nice and go along with the forums rules then many prizes await you. You just have to try hard to earn those prizes.
As I said we are very nice at this forum but many members take this as an opportunity to go against the rules thinking we wont say anything but we will because we are trying to keep our forum safe for you members!
We at this forum try our hardest to keep you satisfied and because of that reason we want you to go along with our rules, after all we try our best to give as many prizes as we can away and to keep you happy at this forum. We really want you to enjoy your stay and have fun. Please dont ruin it for others.
Remember we are always happy to help!

Many Thanks:
ps,ignore the mmc thats a old site we had along time ago
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