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PostSubject: ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:28 pm

we are hosting a ELECTION! we have already chosen are people out of over 1k people that has said they would join on the grand opening party day that they have said but now its time to chose are 1 and only master admin he/she will be like a partner and will be able to do anythign i am able to do so with out farther ado i would like to anounce this ELECTION now open here are the lovly canidats let me mind you that if you email me at millsberry@rocketmail wit your vote it will be added not anyone that posts here not that you can inless your staff you can't even join till the party but anyway here are the canidats

millsberrygirl aka nick name yis

she is a wonderful nice girl that i think is a very kind hearted person she is a very kind person she stays very active and likes to be like a nother member not bossy or mean or even thogh shes a co admin she acts like she's a memebr and not like do what i say or else and i think will be a never forgoten member

rarry a nice kind person very very active loves posting and just has a bunch of fun rarry please post more if you would like after this

and last but cetinly not least the very kind and nice

mr. lol him self please welcome hi i am bob lol

he is a great under cover agent kind of thing dosen't post much but shure is good nice and very helpful with evreything
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